17 Sep Not Just A Temp Agency

We hear it all the time “Are you guys a temp agency?” and we cringe, but I guess we are. We’re also so much more, and that’s why we cringe. We don’t want to be labeled as just that when we provide so much more. Also, people tend to say the term “temp” like it’s something bad when in fact there is real need, value and opportunity for temporary employees and employers. Our focus though, is always about matching employers with employees for long-term successful employment. The other part of our job is HR and payroll. As a full-service placement agency, it’s not just about being good at recruiting. It’s also about staying up to date and informed about the ever-changing employment laws, standards and confirming that our employees and employers are protected and doing things properly. Let’s take a closer look at what we do.


Why would we say there is a need and value in temporary employment? From an employer’s perspective that can’t afford or doesn’t have enough work to hire an additional full-time employee, may have a fluctuating demand or seasonal restrictions, could be experiencing problems with current employees needing holidays or missing time due to illness, there is a genuine necessity for temporary help.


From an employee’s perspective, this can be a great way to discover what kind of job you excel at or enjoy before committing long term. Temporary placements can help pay the bills while you search for that dream job, or save for another year of school. They can also be a great supplement for permanent part-time positions that don’t offer enough hours to pay all the bills. And let’s face it, once your foot is in the door and an employer gets a glimpse of your good work ethic, you’re not going anywhere. I’d say at least 90% of our temporary positions turn into full-time hires.


What happens between recruiting and hiring? A lot. We start by verifying that all employees have proper Health and Safety training and that the employers we work with are providing safe work environments for our employees. Our HR and payroll department make certain that timesheets and hours are submitted on time and accurately. They confirm that proper deductions and government remittances are made, complete direct deposits and email paystubs, track attendance and patterns of absences, assist with modified duties and provide return to work programs when needed, facilitate employee reviews and feedback to ensure the best, most successful experiences between employee and employer. Then if the fit is wrong, we help to replace and reassign until we find the right fit for both parties.


At the end of the day we’re here to help. Our favorite part of the job is finding out how employers got their start, going out and visiting them on site as well as telling an employee that their hard work paid off and they got the job!

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