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Crossroads Staffing was founded in 2010 and continues to thrive as the only remaining staffing agency in Orillia. We contribute our success to the quality associates that we deliver to our clients, in every industry available to us. Through strong service and operational excellence, Crossroads Staffing has continued to provide Orillia and area with all its staffing needs. Crossroads Staffing is committed to ‘finding the right person for the right job’ by listening to and understanding our clients and associates, wants and needs.

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We are able to achieve this goal by constantly keeping our core values in sight, which include;

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Our business is people, and we strive to see those people succeed. We genuinely care about our Employees and about the companies we connect them with. We recognize each person’s success contributes to our success and as such we try to support them in any way possible.

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There is always room to improve, and we welcome the opportunity to do so. We treat each client or employee as the distinct company/individual they are, and adapt our services to meet their ever changing needs. This makes us unique innovators in our industry.

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We believe in being in a constant state of learning, always seeking new information so that we can better our company and the services we offer.

Our Mission: Finding the right person for the right job.

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