Job Seekers

  • A free second set of eyes helping you find work
  • Access to multiple employers and positions in one spot
  • Being able to get your foot in the door to show an employer how great an asset you are to their company
  • One on one interviews
  • Flexibility that works with your life and schedule
  • Every day new opportunities are presented depending on our client’s needs.
  • Reliable weekly or biweekly pay
  • Opportunity to work with great local employers

People are our Greatest Resource

  • We do not charge you for our service
  • We take the time to get to know you and fully understand your career goals in a one on one interview
  • We assist you in finding the ideal job opportunity
  • We offer fulltime, part time and flexible positions
  • You have the chance to try out the job and make sure it’s the right fit for you
  • We provide free ministry health and safety training so you can get started at work right away
  • Advice and resources to help you find employment
  • Gain experience to add to your resume
Together, we can work it out!