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Top 5 myths about working with a placement agency

By Laura Macey


Myth One: We only get temp work

Often called a temp agency (which all of us here in the office cringe at) we are often mistaken for only having  temp jobs.

Fact: We get a wide variety of placements from temp to holiday and sick leave coverage to permanent fulltime placements. And 80% of our temp positions turn into fulltime positions once the client sees how good of an employee you are!

Myth two: We take money off your pay

Fact: We do not. In fact, it is illegal to do so. The employers tell us what they would normally pay if they were hiring for the position themselves, and we charge the client a fee to cover the cost of wages, CPP, EI, WSIB, Employer health tax, Vacation pay etc. plus our time to recruit for the client and administer payroll.

Myth three: We only recruit employees that cannot find work themselves or have no skill set

Fact: We recruit for the employer’s specific job qualifications and all skill levels from general labour, office admin to trades and management. We provide skills testing to meet every need. Candidates are not applying because they can’t find a job on their own, but because they are new to town or know we work with the best local companies, or are unhappy in their current positions and want a confidential way to look for a better job.

Myth four: We only offer minimum wage jobs

Fact: Our jobs range from $11.40 an hour to $25.00 an hour to start. We advocate for better paying jobs because we know a higher wage attracts more candidates and happier employees that will stay longer and that benefits everyone.

Myth Five: You’re just a number and staffing agencies don’t want you to get hired on full time.

Fact: We care. That’s why we still spend the time doing one on one interviews and will send your resume out to clients instead of just waiting for them to call us. It’s why we advocate for increased wages, why we provide job feedback and why we have more employees being hired on permanently. We know your success is our success. Good news travels fast and there’s no better referral than from an employee that we help find an awesome job or a client that hires someone great that we send them. That’s how we get repeat business.

So if you’ve ever been afraid to use a staffing agency to find employment or to find great Employees please don’t be, we have a lot to offer!  Give us a call at 705-327-3333


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